"C++ Sucks" - Why?

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A wild RapidCoder appeared. Seriously though, didn't you learn by now that every topic related to this is turned into a C++ v. Java war? You better hit that solved button before this gets out of control. Same thing happened on my game topic on minecraftforums. >.>
Now now, Fredbill30, Rapidcoder is very knowledgeable on the topic and has good points to make. He isn't exactly trolling, either. As long as we keep it civil there's no reason to stifle the discussion, even if it has all been said before ad nauseum.
Not saying he isn't knowledgeable, I respect him 100%, but some uneducated n00b is going to hate on java, and you know RC, he'll have to protect his favorite(I'm guessing) language...
And why shouldn't he?
Shouldn't that "uneducated n00b" be educated?
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No different than a historian educating a person who is hating history.
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So people here really think that RapidCoder's never ending comments about the advantages of Java on a C++ forum is not a bit unusual?

Really why would any one feel the need proselytize for a particular programming language on a forum dedicated to promoting another computer language?

I love someone to explain his behavior--it seems to me he has been doing this for three years. That is very very strange.
You make it sound like he is here solely to convert c++ programmers to java, I've never gotten that impression. Most of the posts I've read have been in response to someone making a boundless claim.
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What impression do you have? Do you think he programs in C++? Do you think in frequents this site because he is trying to improve his programming skills? Do you think he is here to help beginners?

He is not a troll--I agree. But he is very strange and he obviously believes that C++ is almost always the wrong choice.

Review his post--go ahead google. You will have to look long and hard to find him recommending c++ for any problem.

And you will see him regularly promoting Java and Scala on a C++ site.
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Regarding those of you who respect rapidcoder

Why do you respect him? Have you ever seen him help anyone? Have you ever seen him post C++ code that deserves respect?

He might be a good Java programmer--but how do you know. The only thing he is good at is ridiculing kids in college with little or no programming experience. In my opinion that is not a skill worthy of respect.

I have asked him to post code so we can see what he can do. He did post code but it was not C++ code.
@chwsks, Is there something wrong with going to this site and not programming in C++? I seem to be doing that right now. Also, ridiculing kids in college sort of is help. Maybe (hopefully not) at times even most effective.
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@hamsterman, I don't think there is anything wrong with visiting this site and not programming in C++.
I do think what rapidcoder does is strange. I might be wrong but I think I have seen you post C++ code solutions on this site ( I also think it would be wrong to compare yourself to rapidcoder).


I guess my point should be restated--when you read something posted by rapidcoder remember you are reading a bias post from someone who has probably never worked as a professional C++ developer.
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I agree that rapidcoder is very biased to Java and a lot of times he says java is much better then any other language but most of the time he does it in a respectfull way. I have seen him help out beginners before and as long as he doesnt promote java rudely I dont really think there is any problem. Especially since if you want to be a great programmer you should be open to programming in a lot of different languages.
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You have seen rapidcoder be helpful...wow. Please show me the link. Or did he just make a recommendation to not use C++.

Also you might want to check out Catfish3's link above to see example of rapidcoder's help.
Did anyone notice that this thread was staying fairly civil, but started leaning toward flame wars after fredbill30 said it would break down to a flame war? The power of suggestion is strong.

Though you can't bash RC for his love of Java as evident by Bjarne Stroustrup, he created C++ and says himself "as a professional programmer you should know 3 to 7 languages C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Python, and Javascript" and I think a few on here even said it would be good to learn Haskell or another functional language. I have the stuff installed on my Ubuntu box to learn all of them (though JS I guess you have it even if you had no internet).

I know we are hobby programmers, well most of us, as I would like to be a professional programmer.
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I don't see any uncivil post on this thread. I think you are reading in between the lines. I believe rapidcoder would take offense at being called a "hobby programmer". I can tell you from experience if you push him he will produce code to prove he is a professional.

You have not been around enough to remember when rapidcoder when use to name himself after registers and troll. After he was suspended a few times he stopped blatant trolling.

Now he seems content to ridicule college kids. But he is not helpful. I asked question why would anyone respect him.

You don't know who he is or if he really is a professional, and there is absolutely no reason to believe he can program in C++ beyond a novice level--because he has never demonstrated that skill.
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I remember a few occasions where he demonstrated knowledge of C++ compilers and optimizations it can preform that a novice programmer wouldn't normally know, or understand for that matter. As for him being a novice at C++, even if he can't write quality code in C++, he does know a thing or two about the language's internals. (afaicr)
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To tell the truth I have seen a few of those conversations myself. In reality I am just tried of his inferiority complex. I wish he go some place and fight with someone his own size instead of picking on novice programmers.

And you have to admit it has been a really long time since he has posted anything other than, "Java is C++'s equal, and on non-trivial projects it is superior to C++".

And that is a meaningless statement to make here. Because it really cannot be demonstrated or disproved.

Also I think it is time to tell some of the newer people who and what he is.
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You have not been around enough to remember when rapidcoder when use to name himself after registers and troll. After he was suspended a few times he stopped blatant trolling.

How do you know this is true?
catfish3 wrote:

I just read a post on there about comparing the STL to Java's containers and thought I'd make another poke at Java for fun. What's with all of the java.util.* containers and their inherently <broken> concurrency checks? "fail-fast" = "half-assed"...either take it out or do it right.

chwsks wrote:
Also I think it is time to tell some of the newer people who and what he is.

I'm pretty sure he's just another person on a forum. Oracle has yet to build an AI capable of debating with non-oracle technologies yet as far as I know. Rapidcoder seems knowledgeable enough, but usually only tells half the tale when promoting java, leaving out choice bits that break java's seemingly perfect image.
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