"C++ Sucks" - Why?

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I'm pretty sure he's just another person on a forum.

Really you another person on this forum who has spent the last 3 years attacking C++ on this forum, and wasting their time ridiculing college kids for the ego boost?

3 years? Look at his account, he has only been here 2 years. Won't be 3 until November of this year. Guess he was trolling here before he even made the account, which is impressive when you think about it.
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Obviously, I am in the minority and people believe he is a useful contributor to this community.

@BHKSpecter, I did not bother to check the date he created his latest account--if you say it has been here less than three years I am sure has been, but it felt longer.
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I didn't say anything in this thread about Java being superior to C++, yet a flame happened. Strange... Maybe that's because of the thread title (and that wasn't me who titled it like that) :P

Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you, regardless of the language(s) you program!
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You are entitled to your opinions, but you are making some bold claims with little to back it up, Catfish3 asked how you know rapidcoder was a troll, I'm curious about that myself. If you don't like what he says or how he says it either confront him in those threads or don't read them. No one here should have anything to prove to anyone else.
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@rapidcoder, I am surprised you are so popular. Keep up the good work you are obviously much loved here.
To be fair I did make a statement regarding Java and C++ in a thread and rapidcoders initial response was very trolly basically copying my op and reversing it but in terms of what we discussed afterwards it was pretty respectful and more or less a healthy debate about our favourite programming languages nothing more. I stand by what I say about Java and he stands by what he says, there's nothing wrong with that.
Personally, I'm glad rapidcoder is here. I don't think he deserved to be banned on his previous two accounts either. I'll admit, it does seem strange to go to a website called cplusplus.com and talk about reasons why you don't like C++, but there's nothing wrong with it as long as he isn't abrasive (which he isn't) and uses facts to back up his arguments (which he does) rather than just trolling or flaming (which he doesn't). Not only is he knowledgeable, but the fact that there are people who disdain C++ is beneficial because it stops this forum from turning into a "C++ is so awsum!" circle-jerk. Again, he doesn't flame or troll, so what's the problem?
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I don't program much in C++ anymore (and rarely read outside of the lounge, tbh), but I stay here for the awesome community.
Yeah, me as well, although I've been programming more in C++ since C++11 came out.
I've been trying to get into Java and other languages, but Java is a lot more different than I thought it was going to be.
Trolls are a natural phenomenon of online forums, since the Usenet. Regulars ignore them, newbies engage in prolonged and sometimes entertaining discussions.
Oh my... http://docs.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/api/javax/swing/ImageIcon.html#setDescription%28java.lang.String%29

Oracle wrote:
This is meant to be a brief textual description of the object. For example, it might be presented to a blind user to give an indication of the purpose of the image.


I just found this reading the docs for the GUI that I'm making. I didn't want to post a new topic just because of it, but I hope you find the humor.
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@Luc Lieber
I believe software for blind users reads the text and plays the audio of it.
Yes...but the first glance at that excerpt might have seemed humorous to some including myself.

Also...how would a blind user know where the button was in the first place to hover over it? IIRC tooltip texts only pop up when the control is hovered over, not when it has tab-index focus.
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On-screen Braille or echolocation, I'm guessing.
Due to the fact that this thread has already gone off track, allow me to do it slightly more. Does C++ "suck" because it is imperative? Are functional languages better?
@Script Coder, C and Java were suggested as the languages that "don't suck". Did someone mention FP too? Regardless, it is generally considered that only languages, not paradigms, can suck. Unless "esoteric" is a paradigm...
Different paradigms for different folk...adigms. Um. Anyway, there's no one best paradigm, or even one best language (except Haskell), they all have their pros and cons. Some languages are objectively better than others, though (C# vs. Java or Haskell vs. *, for example).
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@chrisname just nitpicking and pocking fun, but should it not be:
C# vs. Java or Haskell (vs. *)+

but it is true what you say about different paradigms for different people/jobs.
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