Dev C++ is updated!!!

For those who don't know, the Dev C++ project has been picked up by Orwell at
I think it's finally time to deprecate an article.
sorry that it may seem more than a bit ill-timed, but as I was looking through the forums, I noticed that when a beginner asked for a good, free compiler a couple days ago, he was told about Dev C++ and ended up at the old website that Bloodshed started. The programmers who recommended it also didn't seem to notice that it was updated, and acted like 5.0 beta was the newest version available. And so that's why I created this post.
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I downloaded it today. I like the interface of the old Dev-C++ and I'm happy to see it around once again. Thanks for sharing :)

It's not something of this newiness, but it's a good news for Dev-C++ users.
I just hope the debugger gets some improvements, it looks like the old one - Or maybe I missed something.
I might download it just for the nostalgia. It's weird how almost every new C++ programmer uses it. Somewhere out there there's a very patient super villain who keeps suggesting it on every forum, hoping it'll lead to a generation of sub-standard programmers who write faulty software that leads to the destruction of the world.
or maybe training courses in India and china are just abysmal and horridly out dated.

Not saying they all come from there, but I've noticed a significant number of programmers coming from those areas of the world who use non standard libraries, bad practices and outdated compilers.
Old news. This has been discussed numerous times and an article was updated a while ago to link to the new Dev-C++ version. Just can't remember which article.
Dev C++ Orwell doesn't even tell you whats wrong with your program like Bloodshed does. It just shoots red lines at you.

Bloodshed Dev C++ for life!!!

EDIT: Nevermind ;D
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