so whats stronger than plexeiy glass

can anyone help me out here I'm trying to build a robot here but moneys is very little i'm lucky to get 19 dollars into this project
Does the material have to be see-through (because you wanted plexiglass)?
Also, how strong do you want it to be?
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needs to be see through so i don't have to rely on camera only vision needs to be construction cab accessible but strong enough not to shattard or crack during constrution of what it becomes to be
Well, since your budget is pretty low, I don't think you are going to find something that is stronger than plexiglass at a budget price. How big is your robot (length,width,height) ? Also, does everything have to be glass (gears, chains, etc...)? Because, if everything has to be glass, you have to buy custom-made glass which will cost you a lot more money.
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just want to make a window like a mech warrior has kind of like the raven but with four legs and and one wheel to each one.or use a construction cab then again trying to keep a hold of how much i can get to get a reliable computer also a 3d imaging system to build this thing i got plan
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err. can't help you as much as I would like to... look on Google for a cheap glass-cutting device that you can rent for a couple hours in your location. research up some strong glass material on Google also.
got anyway of knowing what that other one is called that i would need 1/4th thickness or was that 1/16th of thickness ploxyglass was it or something?
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