YouTube Channel for cplusplus!

I'm new here and I like the way cplusplus website organized. I have a lot of ideas and projects in my mind. I need more time to be familiar with the c++. Why there is no YouTube channel for this website? I have some ideas and I'm working on them and hopefully when I finish them, I'll share them. For example, if someone is interested in image processing by C++, which libraries he/she should know like OpenCV. Anyway, these are some suggestions.

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Who would control the channel? Who would make the videos? Why do we even need videos? IMO text is much better for programming than videos... but then, I'm a verbal sort of person, I don't learn from videos.
Why there is no YouTube channel for this website?
Because text is good enough at killing my time.
thanks for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree with you at the beginning controlling the channel and making videos will be a little bit difficult. It takes a while to answer this question. I disagree about who needs videos. There are a lot of invaluable channels. Videos give a person a good idea about the topic. For example, if I would like to discover OpenCV library, with a well-organized video, I can decide if this library will suit my needs instead of reading many books. Don't get me wrong, reading books is indispensable.
I can read faster than I can listen and faster than someone else can talk.

That being said, there are a number of users that post C++ examples on YouTube. If you have ideas, there is nothing to stop you from posting your own tutorials. If your stuff is good enough, you'll have your own channel.
thanks for sharing your thoughts. Reading is important no doubt. Sometimes, very short videos save your time with enjoyable explanation. If you filter books in c++, you find a lot of garbage books. For beginners, it is difficult to distinguish between these books but with videos from the first few short videos, you can decide if this channel is worth watching or not.
thanks for sharing your thoughts. Actually, I have my own youtube channel and I receive a lot of feedbacks. It is a mere idea.
Eh I doubt we would provide anything new to YouTube. If you're looking for good tutorial videos, there are countless good ones out there. Bucky (thenewboston) always comes to mind.
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I watched Bucky's videos on QT and I didn't really like it that much, he seemed to skip over so much and his lessons were way to short (average 7 mins per tutorial I think). I've heard good things about his C++ video tutorials so it might be just the QT ones that kind of sucked =/.

Anyways another tutorial on youtube that I found pretty helpful while trying to learn the DirectX API (It also teaches C++ basics) was ChiliTomatoNoodle's series. If you can get over how slowly he talks there is a lot of information in there for beginners and intermediate users. For the beginners he gives you a framework to work on learning the basics, and then for the intermediate it shows you how to make the framework. Most of them are a hour long tutorial so they take some time but in my opinion are worth checking out.
I haven't seen his QT tutorials, just a couple of his language tutorials.
For Qt creator, I highly recommended VoidRealms. He has a lot of videos about qt creator. It's good series.
There would be no way to orchestrate a youtube channel effectively. I've always had bad luck when watching videos related to C++. Text is the only thing I can pull meaningful information from.
Things like 3dbuzz were good before they started making you pay for a premium membership.

To be fair, Qt is really comprehensive. I can't imagine any video that could do it justice in a reasonable amount of time (esp the model/view architecture they have going on; superbly implemented, but horrifically hard to get the hang of). IMO, the best way to learn about Qt is to actually read the documentation on the Qt site.
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