Which order do you recommend???

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^writing games using the Engine though can be done in C#.
Writen in C++, scripted in C#, JS and Boo
I think I am going to go with Script Coder's recommendation for the order. Though, I'm using Python 3.2 to learn and following their tutorials.

Since I'm interested in game programming, and becoming a professional programmer and not just a hobby coder, I already know that python/ruby/lua are popular scripting languages for it, I can code games in python/java/c/c++/c# so beneficial in all regards.

I know that in console development (at least for Sony's Playstation) they still use MIPS assembly. Not to mention commercial games are written in C/C++/C#.

As for selling myself, learning HTML/XML/PHP/Javascript are pluses so I can make my own portfolio page or company page if I decided to start my own company.

iseeplusplus wrote:
In my opinion it's best to choose a new language to learn either because it is a good fit, or will be useful for a new project, or because it will expose you to a new paradigm or will be educational.

Yeah I hear that a lot, but several places I applied at told me I wasn't qualified because I didn't know C#, Java, or (and I only had one place tell me this) no Assembly experience. Problem is that, I feel that is a hobbyist point of view on learning languages because I know a few guys on FB and A.cc that work in the industry and have been forced to learn a language they didn't really want to learn. Won't get into subversion methods that I've heard them forced to use by a company that they end up hating. If you are coding for fun and trying to find languages to fit a project you are doing, then I agree completely, but if you are wanting to get into programming as a career, you will need to know basically all the popular and commercially used languages. Not to mention that I have been told to start out as a web developer and continually look for jobs closer to game development while working my way up. This lends to having to learn VB, C#, ASP.NET and the .NET framework.
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