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I have started to use cheat engine recently, and was wondering how hard (or easy) would it be to make a program like that. And if that is very easy, then how hard (or easy) would it be to make a game like 'Call of Duty'.

Just wondering...
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A "cheat engine" manipulates the game's data that has been loaded into memory. It sounds easy, but you have to know where certain data resides within memory, what type of data it is, what values are accepted and what that piece of data actually does. It isn't easy.

As for building a game like Call of Duty, you'll have a hell of a time building it. Have a go! I've attempted to build a game multiple times and failed on each occasion. However, I learn't something new with each failure.

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I'm sorry but cheat engines and hacking game is pointless to me. It destroys games for everyone else just so the user can feel like he is "this shit" for a lack of a better word. Gamers now days all they care about is K/D ratios and who has the biggest epeen.

I'm a inspiring game devoloper and I just wanted to tell you that its players like you that ruin games for everyone and make it so much harder to produce the game you want to make because this feature can't be in it because it might be exploited.

So I'm sorry but I'm not going to encourage your to create a bot or cheat engine.

As for the question how hard it would be to make a game like Call of Duty. Really hard. If you are doing it by yourself it will take years upon years to make. Studios that make games like Call of Duty have teams of 50+ (Probably more) working on it for anywhere from 1-3 years. They also have a lot more resources then the average indie game developer has.
My K/D ratio is normally 7/45 as I suck at FPS, but I love playing them. The only time I had a good K/D ratio was in CoD4's Showdown map in TDM because I kept getting the helicopter a planes so it was like 23/5 for the round. I hate games that have cheaters though, which is why I stopped playing PS2 games.
It takes 10s of 100s of programmers testers to make modern video games. If you want to make a game fast, learn SDL/Unity or such. If you are not at least decent in algebra or logic you will probrably not be able to make any games quickly.
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@Zereo: I was never intending to hack games... Im nowhere near to be that good, and I dont really like cheating in game. It sort of takes the fun out of achieving things in the game. To be honest, If I was going to become a programmer, I would make games. (like COD).

EDIT: Also, the only reason I am interested in things such as hacking, is because it seems very interesting. For the same reasons I love maths and programming.

EDIT #2: Also, because I am interested in hacking, does not mean I will do it. Just seems like some fun knowledge to learn.
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