Good visual c++ and c# for beginners

What books do you recommend for a beginner?
How much of a beginner? Total, "don't know the first thing about programming" or "done some other stuff and want to learn a few new languages"?
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If you have some experience with programming I would recommend this book Accelerated C++, Its probably one of the best books I have read for C++ (At least on the beginner subjects). It has a little bit larger learning curve, but it also teaches you useful stuff very quickly. Unlike other books that teach C before they teach C++ this one jumps right into C++.
The most full and easy to read book on C# is "PRO C# 2010 and the .NET 4 Platform" by Andrew Troelsen. But in any case it reuires some knowledge on programming from a reader.
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The Art and Science of C by Eric E Roberts. My favorite. It's C though.
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I think it is weird that no one has mentioned c++ primer plus. I own it, it is a great book. Haven't read through it yet, but I like the way it teaches you. It has good questions at the end of each chapter and some really good chapter exercises. The book has very many example codes and explains them all, none of which had any errors. I have the newest edition(6th) and it looks like it does a great job of covering 2011 content.
My favorite. It's C though.

OP asked about C++ and C# =P

</me being a wiseass>
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what does OP mean? (I know it can mean overpowered)
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TY, don't have to wonder about that anymore ;) I thought it had something to do with it but wasn't sure. Is there any good books about algorithms that is for beginners? Can't find any.
Is there any good books about algorithms that is for beginners? Can't find any.

There is such an old book as "STL Tutorial and Reference Guide" by D.R. Musser, G.J. Derge, A. Saini that can serve as a good introduction to standard algorithms.
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