Is there no book at all to learn recent opengl

All the books i see have varying reviews....they are either love or there any book out there for opengl recently(not 4.0 however my computer does not support it and since i have a laptop i cannot upgrade)for like hacking there are presigous fact the opengl supperbibble was sopposed to be great but the 5th edition doesnt have very great reviews on amazon
This is an online book that revolves more around 3D graphics in general, rather than OpenGL. I do believe it's a valuable resource, which is why I'm recommending it.

... and here's the OpenGL Reference:
Here's the one that I went by:

note: I'm not sure if that book is legal to be hosted on that site.
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Here's a more recent edition of the redbook Luc Lieber linked.
again more dissappionting reviews on the redbook....
You'll never find a book where 100% of the people who read it rate it 5 stars.
The only way you can find out if you like a book or not, or whether or not the book covers exactly what you want to know, is to buy it and read it. Worst case scenario, you're out $30-40. I hardly ever find that the case though. Even if the book isn't tailored to your exact requests, you'll more often than not find yourself learning something new and beneficial anyway.
The reviewers IMO, were expecting a complete re-write rather than a new edition. But, you can wait until the 8th edition comes out or check out this one is very up to date, it uses OpenGL version 4.0. It's not finished though.
I decided the get the opengl superbibble 5th edition and i must say i am VERY pleased with it
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