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Looking for Kickstarter'esque site advice please


I am writing in the hope that I could either get some advice or even better aquire a business partner with the technical ability to make a new crowd sourcing site.

I can have the design side sorted to the highest standard and have a good network that assuming I have a beta site the possibility of funding is there.

This is unchartered territory as far as crowd sourcing goes and if created has the possibility to not only be incredibly popular but directly profitable as-well.

My question to anyone who could possibly help is how complicated would it be to make a site that operates like kickstarter?

-user 1 creates article
-user 1 waits for target to be hit
-user 1 get's paid.

-user 2 browses articles
-user 2 pay's and waits till completion for payment to be taken out.

If anyone could answer my question that will be very much appreciated.
If anyone who is a programmer/developer that can make such a site and want's to get involved please do not hesitate to contact me so we can go through the final details.

My background is design and photography oriented so as mentioned getting everything looking sharp is as good as done on this side.

I am based in London so a bonus if you live here otherwise there is always skype.


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