My online portfolio

Hey everybody,

I'm making an online portfolio, to serve as a digital resume of some kind.
I built this the last couple of days, I'd love constructive criticism!

Obviously this is a temporary domain :)
The About Me section is not finished yet.
Likin' the simplistic design, feels spacious. How well does it scale to larger resolutions?
Pretty well, IMO.
I only tested it on 1600x900 and 1920x1080 though.
It would be awesome if someone could test it on 2560x1600 :)
Looks good, I really need to work on my site and I'll probably also use a simple layout. But I did notice a couple things while viewing it on my phone (samsung galaxy epic). First is that there is no space on the left border so text is right to the edge, this isn't a huge deal as the text is still readable. And second, the youtube videos overlap some of the text, this is a big deal, for me at least since I use my phone to browse the web alot.
EDIT: On my nexus 7 the videos don't overlap the text, but the text on home page is still aligned to the edge of the window.
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Nice job. Pretty neat looking games too.
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