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I was thinking about getting my friend to help me code my game (First I would have to teach him C++)... He's eager to learn, but I need a good realtime updater for VC++ Express Edition. I need it to be real-time. At minimum, I'd like us to be able to work on separate source files and once we save, it shows on our IDE.

He really wants to learn programming (I'm guessing to hack and other stuff), also he wants to help on my game. (We might sell it :D). Any ideas?
Umm... I don't think "realtime updaters" are a thing for VC++. If I understand your question correctly, I think what you're looking for is some kind of revision control. I'd recommend reading up on programs like Git and SVN.
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My personal savior is git. There is no other like it (except maybe Mercurial).

You probably don't want a "realtime updater". It's not realistic and probably won't do what you want it too. Instead, create the layout of your project and assign blocks of code that need to be implemented (which is used in real projects as well).
ASCII thank you, I might do this, or what computerquip is talking about.

I was thinking about posting the project in a sharing folder.

But how would I connect two computers in a LAN session(When they are in two different houses)
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If your friend has multiple screens it might be easier to just use skype or some other service to show him your screen and what you are typingand what he is typing. You wont be able to work on the same source file but you most likely wont need to if he is just beginning. You can also look into getting remote access to his computer so you can correct his mistakes.
Ah, I'll look into it. If I have anymore questions, I'll post 'em here.
As much as it's frowned upon, I use Dropbox for a lot of collaborative projects. Keep the project files in a Dropbox folder and they'll be automatically synced between both computers; Visual C++ will ask if you want to reload the file after it's been synced.
It'll pay off in the long run to learn version control software, especially git. There are add-ins for visual studio that integrate reasonably well. I'd also say an advantage of version control software over NGen's dropbox solution is, the version control. Shit happens, and if you break your code you can revert it with git (and svn and hg etc...) but not with dropbox (AFAIK).
@NGen that is a terrible approach, and suggestion. Because you only get 2 options (reload file and wipe my changes, keep my changes and wipe what is on DropBox). Versional Control is a must because it allows you to merge the changes between developers.

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