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Lol ya i'm pretty sure they don't want you to do that.
Kind of funny... I have Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop and one of the three drives in my desktop and Windows Vista on a 2TB drive. With source code on a 80 GB drive. Have Apache and all installed on laptop, but can't recall on desktop.
Yeah, I was just a dumb kid, and I'm lucky I only got banned (and it's not like I can't just make a new account). I'm still a dumb kid, come to think of it.

Well, if you don't need your stuff to be accessible to the outside world, just host it locally on your machine (usually you use /var/www). The reason I recommended a virtual machine is just so you can use Windows at the same time, assuming you use Windows as your primary OS.
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In my experience with godaddy, even though is still hosted at godaddy, I've been appalled by the service, quality, and tools they provide. In order to use my domain records, I had to literally use a different set of tools since they wanted to charge me an extra $7 a month to use the built-in tools they provided. After my server went down and I could no longer host my own DNS servers, I redirected my DNS to which provides proper tools to allow me to use the records I needed to setup an email via google mail and for to redirect to gmail. I've yet to change simply because I rely quite a bit too much on my email address for it to vanish a few days.

If I were to choose a host again, I would probably choose FreeDNS. You pay $15 a year but you get what you pay for. I can afford $15 a year by scrounging pennies out of my couch, I'm not really understanding why the $7 difference is that big of a deal to some people.
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... Because some people are poorer than you are, obviously. Some people live on less than $1 per day (although those people wouldn't be using the Internet, the point still stands).
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chrisname, then why is that person buying a domain instead of using a free subdomain. $15 in an entire year? Come on, you're marketing the dollar for too much. I find more than that lying on the ground per year. It comes out to just about $0.05 a day. You don't need a dollar per day to have a domain name.
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You're right, it just sounded like one of those things people who don't have money troubles say without thinking, assuming that everyone can afford everything they can because they have no perspective.

Also, why is it called FreeDNS if you have to pay?
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Well... its not:

But it's connected to which calls its services "Free DNS" since it does provide a free service where you can manage the DNS they provide for your domain, in comparison to say, Godaddy, who wishes to charge you for doing that.

Of course, there are alternatives to everything.
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I suggest you buy domain names from domainka, namecheap and godaddy.

Ya sure you can get one domain registration for 7.4$ at where it might the cheapest amount for single domain.
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