Do you have Fun practicing and learning c++? what do you find the most fun

I been a bit dry for fun ideas past few days, actually learning to mess with bash has been really really fun, but does anyone know any fun ideas to practice c++ basics? Has anyone done a simple practice project and had shedloads of fun in the process? care to share it with me?
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Well for me I wanted to get a much better grasp on OOP and also was getting quite bored with C++. So I decided to try picking up C# and XNA programming and it really renewed my drive to keep on learning. So not sure if you want to start learning another language but if you are considering it I would recommend doing it. Because it actually was quite fun for me I was surprised how quickly I picked up the new language because of my past C++ experience.
I am surprised at how many places on this forum people ask for advice on getting more entertained, IMO the programming languages and things you can make is more than interesting enough. There is sites like project euler, made to challenge a bored programmer. You can create your own project. Reading programming books also helps, especially if the book is from a perspective you are interested in. (example, game developing, if you like games)
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Yeah i started and java :D i just didn't want to confuse two languages but instead you just learn them faster :D
and they got all the good stuff allready installed so i dont get all streesed installing boost or sfml (never ever succeeded though i try every other day)
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I would have fun in C++ if I had any spec of creativity. I just cannot think of anything to create.
pretty shapes!!

maybe you should exercise your creative side, our dreams are proof we have HUGE potential to be creative, start doodling?

wait LEGO!!
My dreams lack details, and on top of that, all my dreams are silent. Completely silent. They're more abstract ideas than actual environments. So, no creativity in here :p
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Some people are creative some are technical. Sounds like LB is the type of guy that is behind the scenes getting everything done for everyone. Nothing wrong with that.

Some people just have no creativity or artistic ability and like I said there is nothing wrong with it its just how we are. And this is why usually a artist and programmer usually team up to make project.

Very rarely do you see someone do both the art side and the programming side by his or herself. And if even more rare that he can do both of them extremely well.

So just team up with someone that is artistic and has many idea's and help him make them.
Thanks Zereo, your post was perfect except for your "idea's" typo :) I certainly feel far more comfortable doing the programming for the ideas than coming up with the ideas themselves. Most days I cannot even think about what I want to eat despite knowing all the options.
Heres an idea LB;

create a network sniffer but instead of organizing the random-ish data into someting usefull create an algorithm that will output the data in a pattern whos form entirley depends on the data from other ip addresses and other factors.

(you know patterns displayed on console with a noob tic tac toe style 2d array display thing you know what i mean)

@zereo, i think im being turned down for uni positions cos they are proly getting creative and not technical impressions from my personal statement :(
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Use some libraries such as OpenGL or OpenCV and implement some useful applications. To me, I'm learning now OpenCV and OpenGL. It is really fun.
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