Some say its good to learn a little bit of assembly, how the hell do you get into that?

Where would one start?
Might I suggest learning to google before you tackle assembly?
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I found this helpful:

You seem to be trying to learn lots of languages at once. I can say from experience that that probably isn't a good idea. It probably won't matter in the long run but I think you should take it a bit slower.
I have to agree with chrisname on this one. I've got a list of languages I want to learn, but I'm doing it one language at a time. You seem to be learning multiple at one time. Even though I'm comfortable enough with C++ I wanted to do more languages to be able to widen my job appeal. My list thus far for learning is Python, Java, C#, C++, C, Assembly, Javascript, Ruby, Haskell, and I loosely know HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, and some MySQL. Pace yourself, as I know from experience that taking on too much will ultimately make you depressed and feel like nothing due to it.
Personally I believe that if you want to learn 6 billion languages at once, that's not my business. I can say that assembly is very fun and rewarding to learn and that as cire said Googling will get you a few very good resources. Here is a few of my own:

Books: (very long, but very good) (quick intro)
Google is great, but you can't trust every site out there. I did a Google search for learning to do Assembly and C, just to find the first link taught how to do it, but none of the code worked like the site claimed. It is easier to ask for direction and recommendations for books or tutorials rather than sifting through all the site results hoping you find the one that is done properly.

The results depend on the search parameters, so if you muddle the parameters or don't give a narrow enough search you wind up with tons of sites that range the gauntlet of terrible to fantastic, but you won't know which one you have if you don't get input from others giving their advice on the matter of which site/book should be used.
I coulda googled but i knew you guys would apply some common sense for me first ;) tk

THought assembly would help me learn the ones im learning but i guess your right...unless i use assembly to practive with them, i saw what jm was doing and wished i could understand...shame her thing stopped i was gonna follow it when it was over.
I think Assembly is good to know a little, to help you understand how everything runs and learning it, while learning C++, may not be bad. However, it is not a language that I would considered spending too much time in, unless your programming goals are micro-controllers, BIOS, low-level OS stuff or reverse-engineering.
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