The future of Qt creator?

I've read an article about the future of Qt creator. I would like to hear from you about it. How horrible some people's opinions about it. To me, Qt creator is a wonderful IDE. It gives a programmer a lot of features. Even though Nokia is losing a lot of money, I think many companies would like to purchase this IDE. Just opinion. What do you think guys? I did post this here because Qt is for c++ programmers.
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I don't understand how people *can* like it. In comparison to even things like C::B who I can't stand for the amount of widgets available by default, I would take C::B bloat over Qt Creator bloat just about any day of the week. C::B has more features including when it comes to build scripts.

Qt Creator was clearly not meant to be an all around IDE like Code::Blocks but that is how people look at it and what people expect. I hand code almost all of my GUIs for some reason, despite it taking me 3 times longer anyways.
I see the OP mentioned Nokia - QT has been sold by Nokia to Digia.

I don't really use QT creator - I prefer to use the Visual Studio QT plugin (unfortunately it is not for the Express versions)
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