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I didn't mean to this to be a discussion about the effects of and how much you should care about your appearance.

I was hoping to discuss some of the stuff Stroustrup explained in the presentation.

So, I'll start: I found it interesting that he complained that people have inheritance relationships just for the heck of it. Are people actually misusing inheritance this badly and this often so as to get mentioned by Stroustrup?

Also, love that std::vector pwns std::list, I've experienced that myself.
I pretty much always use std::vector or std::array. I've used std::stack maybe once, and that's about it.
"As all Real Programmers know, the only useful data structure is the Array. "
What if you need non-homogeneous data structures? You need a tuple.
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I've never used a tuple nor needed it. Fact.
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You've used other fixed-size, non-homogeneous data structures, though. The tuple just happens to be the best of them.
Uh what about trees? I'd say those are rather useful.
I let the implementation make trees if it wants to. I only ever need std::vector and std::map to fit my needs, and I've used std::stack when appropriate but the default template parameter is to use std::vector anyway.
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If it really came down to it, I'd benchmark it. I've yet to get to that point in one of my projects though tbh.
Nested lists.
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