Mint 1.4 Cinnamon

So I just got this (running in VMWare Player), and it's pretty slick but damn does it give my computer a workout. Just sitting there with xchat open and nothing else going on, I'm at 36% CPU utilization. On the other hand, with Ubuntu 12.04 running in a VM I'm at 4% CPU utilization. Has anyone else noticed Mint doing this, or is this just me?
1.4? Do you mean 14?

And no, I haven't, but I don't really look much at my CPU usage on Mint and I also don't run it on a VM. It shouldn't really make much difference because although Mint runs Cinnamon while Ubuntu runs Unity, I doubt there's that much, if any difference in performance between the two, and I don't see what else would be running on Mint that could account for it. You could take a look at the output of 'top' in the terminal to see what processes are using so much of the CPU.
Yea I ended up running top and watching that for awhile. Cinnamon was consistently above 65% CPU followed by X at ~10%. Something isn't right there
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Anyway, if I were you I'd go for openSUSE. Also, the golden age of Linux was the early 2000s. Nowadays we have hundreds of crapstros.
That's odd; you could try using the vanilla GNOME 3 instead of Cinnamon.
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