Is it true c++ is dying out?

I saw a thread on this forum that c++ will maybe die out in the near future.

Would it be better for me to learn C#? Will that get me further? Or should I stick to learning c++?

Will c++ learn me more? Because I feel like I am REALLY programming in c++, and learning something.

C# makes me feel like a program does it all for me. I feel like I am using a program like Photoshop to do all the work.

It feels like you don't really learn anything but creating small windows applications in C#. I mean can you even create a advanced 3D game in C#?
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My personal opinion:

C++ will be around for a long time, especially in game production. Why? Games are selfish; they want every CPU cycle and every byte of memory to themselves. While the performance of a game is a concern, the less likely C# will be the host language due to its intrinsic performance overheads such as garbage collection. In addition, C# doesn't like the idea of manually managing memory; hence the garbage collection -- most open-source games that I know of create custom memory allocators, which C# reluctantly allows, for optimal performance.

I will admit, I strongly dislike C#, so I'm trying not to be bias here, but it's proving to be quite the challenge. The truth is, C++ removes many restrictions which C# imposes, thereby increasing some flexibility and freedom. In addition, C# is dependent on the .NET Framework.

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The entire world is built on C and C++. This isn't going to be changed overnight, in a few years, or probably even in my lifetime.

That being said, the demand for common C++ (code monkey) jobs could potentially diminish due to the speed differences in the development cycles between technologies, but there will always be a demand somewhere.
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