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Hey guys, I want to ask something.
What do you think of windows xp, vista, 7, and windows 8.
Give a rating from 0-10 for each
I'll use Windows XP as 0 and Windows 8 as 10, since this seems to only be a comparison between the 4 and not others. The selection of XP as 0 and Win8 as 10 is just because I think that they are the worst and best, respectively.

XP: 0
Vista: 5
Windows 7: 8
Windows 8: 10
rly? you think windows vista is better than xp, i would say windows vista is the worst because it is really slow
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Windows XP: 1
Windows Vista: 1.5
Windows 7: 3
Windows 8: 1
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Windows 95: 5
Windows 98 SE: 6
Windows Me: 7
Windows XP: 8
Windows XP x64: 8.5
Windows Vista: 7
Windows 7: 9 (I'd almost give it 10 if it wasn't so bloated)
Windows 8: won't rate, it's a touchscreen POS never meant for the desktop
Windows for Workgroups: 10:)
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Not really sure on ratings.

I'll just go with this; Windows 7 is the best version of Windows I have used (from 95 onwards).

The only one I haven't used is Windows 8.
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XP: 6
Vista: 3
7: 9
8: 2

@Framework - Wow, is 8 really that bad compared to 7? I thought about upgrading as there was a few offers on but that's an off-putting score.
It's great if you're an average user who just wants to browse the Internet and play Angry Birds. Not so much if you're a professional or plan on actually using the OS. Anyways,

XP: 7
Vista: 3
7: 8
8: 2
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And you care about some random anonymous person on the internet's arbitrary score?

Windows 8 is the best Windows OS to date. There you go.
darkestfright wrote:
And you care about some random anonymous person on the internet's arbitrary score?

Not as such, really. Let's put a bit of context on this. I've been using this forum little over a year now. In that time, you read enough posts by regulars to understand, to a reasonable degree, that they talk sense.

It's not like I found this information from a user named "Haxor1337" on a YouTube video entitled "WINDOZE 8 SUCKS".

Furthermore, this is a forum populated with people who have a strong technical background, rather than your average user. Their needs in the OS are likely to match mine more closely than your average user.

It's probably no coincidence that Windows 8 is getting a fair amount of criticism on this post.
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XP: 7
Vista: 6
7: 7
8: 8

Do you think you could use the OS productively without the traditional start menu? This seems to be the major hurdle for most people. I for one have become accustomed to, and indeed prefer the new Start screen.

Edit: disregard if you saw the last part. No need to spark this old debate here.
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Windows XP: 9
Windows Vista: 5
Windows 7: 10
Windows 8: 0

(relative scale)
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Windows XP: 7
Windows Vista: 3
Windows 7: 9
Windows 8: Haven't owned it but have tried it and hated it so 1
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resort to calling you an "average user"

I find window 8 is targeted to the the average user. Do you have more then one monitor ? Well you probably don't otherwise you would have mentioned how terrible the hotspots are and the 1 pixel in height you need to hit to close a metro program. I haven't seen any commercials where there is some guy with a 9 monitor setup multitasking away, if you have let me know.

I'm an average user, I use my computer for average things and run average programs. Windows 7 does everything I need, there is no point in changing that to get a feature that will be of no benefit to me. Anyways Windows Blue is around the corner not sure how a yearly release will work out for microsoft though.
windows xp: 4
windows vista: 1
windows 7: 6
windows 8: 8

I have two monitors but I believe the hotspot is 6 pixels. Metro apps are meant for content consumption not production so I find this irrelevant regarding multiple monitors. I can tell you about the improvements for multi-monitor setups though. I agree that not everyone will have a need or desire to upgrade. For me I like to keep up to date in changes to the underlying system.
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Metro isn't just meant for content consumption, there are system preferences that from what I can tell can't be accessed without it so you are forced to use it whether you like it or not.
This thread is the reason I wish Linux would have better hardware/software support. If it supported everything as good as Windows did, I would permanently switch in a heartbeat and never look back.
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