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Does logic say that there could be a 'thing' that is the opposite of logic and a 'specific' way unlogic works?

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I was thinking what anti logic was and how it might work, cos logic says that theres a way in which anti-logic works (we know how it doesn't work right?)
The United States Government is the best possible example of what you are looking for.
^This. I have no problem with moving to Canada or Europe if I had the funds.

About the topic,
I don't think you can have an absence of logic. It would just be bad logic, or logically false. But to have anti-logic would require that logic in itself doesn't exist, but then how do you define anti-logic? I don't think it's possible.
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@LB - I think all democratic governments are like that.
(Not to be confused with countries with Democratic in their name, which are usually anything but democratic)
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sfunny isnt it, democratic, socialist, communist, republic...they are all actually aristocratic (money rules)
No, countries who claim to be one of those are actually aristocratic.
What kind of logoc do you mean? As there isn't a single kind of logic to be anti to, you should really be asking what other kinds of logic (and illogic) are there.

The kind (most?) computers use, and the one I'm familar with, is Boolean logic.

For all I know, the US government may well be using logic. It's just that it uses its own special kind? Maybe "Caucus logic"? (cf. the Caucus race in Alice in Wonderland)



Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

A Dodo decides that the best thing to dry them off would be a Caucus-Race, which consists of everyone running in a circle with no clear winner.
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^This. I have no problem with moving to Canada or Europe if I had the funds.

I could lie and say your my distant cousin for easier citizenship... :p

As for the anti-logic bit... logic is rationalism. while anti-logic would be the opposite. so... irrational behavior? emotions? etc...

If you can create a program to compute with emotions.. ( AI? ) then you may have your anti-logic.
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Emotions are rational and logical - in fact they are a survival instinct. It's just the Sci-Fi movies and such that seem to think emotion is illogical.
Emotions are rational and logical

I disagree… Emotions don’t come from rational and logical thinking, They are impulsive behavior or state which are affected based on your moods, past experience, taste, etc. for example; it would be logical to always drive at the speed limit, but because of emotions like stress (to be at work on time) or pride (to show off), you be driving faster at times and risk getting a ticket. If I am angry at you and choose to hit you, there will consequence to which I could of avoided with rational thinking.
No, emotions come from some horribly complicated chains of chemical reactions that are completely logical and rational. They just so happen to cause impulsive and illogical behavior!
What I mean is, from a survival perspective, emotions are highly beneficial. You will naturally want to continually have positive emotions caused by doing things you enjoy, whereas anything that makes you sad you will not want to do again. It's all instinct.
Maybe the logic behind emotions is so long and complex that it is near impossible for us to comprehend it as logic, so instead we label them as illogical to make ourselves feel better.

This will make you think. Y'know, if you have the patience to watch it all (or if you get hooked after 5 minutes like I did; although, there are parts that seem a bit ridiculous.)

I think we like to think everything we do is rational. I think a lot of the things we do in our mind without knowing it isn't at all rational, but it's more comforting to think that we have control over it.
@Thumper thanks for that video!
emotions are simply logical functions used to help with problem solving.
The power of disney has you believing they are sacred and magical.
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emotions are simply logical

I think many can debate you with that, my friend.
I think many can debate you with that, my friend.

I would be one to debate :p as I think humans are capable of both logical and illogical behavior, thinking and reactions.

However it would be a highly debated topic, considering most psychologist still debate this as there is no solid theory as of yet on the subject. You also have the argument from the metaphysical scientists point of view.

Like the old saying; right brain or left brain?
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It is hard to prove it one way or the other since we know so little about how our brains work. Maybe in the future we will have a better understanding about them but until then I don't think either side could prove their point on whether emotions are logical or illogical.
All human behavior is based on some logic or other, but whether the logic is correct or valid is an entirely different story, just as whether the logic has the most favorable outcome is.
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