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Wil i ever be able to do computer science??

I like programming and i make a lot of text based games. I really want to do computer science in college however i need to get a B in maths. I am extremely bad at maths even though i work so hard to become better , i still get lower than a b in maths.
Computer Science does have a fair amount of math involved. What type of math are you struggling in? I do believe anyone can get better at it without enough practice, and the right kind of practice. Sometimes how a teacher teaches something doesn't quite work for you, so you need to find a different way. There are tons of websites that offer more insight. And one thing that really helps is actually understanding the math. It's one thing to memorize some basic rules, but when you forget part of it, then what? If you have a good understanding of why those rules are there and how they work you'll be much better off. So don't skip out on your proofs :)
Think of maths as a super simple programming language that looks really scary and complicated because you don't know it yet, If you think about it Maths, once you know it, is going to be the most intuitive language you could ever hope to learn.

check out maths tutor . net. org ... i forgot the domain suffix :/
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The most important aspect on maths is not to be able to calculate formulas or any other tasks you get at school. The understanding of the logic of maths is important as well as the way of thinking in mathematical terms.

In practice the amount of maths in developing software is not too much. It is of great help in understanding and developing more or less sophisticated algorithms, but else forget your grade in maths. At least at university or college you will find out that maths is not equal to maths ;-)

BTW: in school I wasn't the cleverest in maths too, but now the amount of maths I need for my work I can handle without any great problems.

You must dedicate yourself to be a computer scientist, being interested in the topic and not believing it is just like learning programming. It is about 70 - 80 % head work and less than 20 % computer itself.

To say it in Dijkstras words: "Computers are for computer scientists like telescopes are for astronomers"
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