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If you were a real nerd you would make your own theme.

Doubtful. If that was true, Trekkies would have Bachelor of Art's in Design, instead of low-income jobs and poor artistic lifestyles.

Point is, a real nerd doesn't need to be artistic, with design and drawing skills, to be accepted as a geek-a-tron machine.

Also, the AMIGA floppy logo would be geek-relevant if you're a retro-geek, from the 1980s, or Hitler.
oh okay...Hitler? what? Hitler? I meant coded the whole theme to work i never thought of making a theme as arty, what does hitler and AMIGA have in comon?

I like the way you think a bachelor in art and design means you wont have a low income job...and that you need a bachelor to be artistic, I had a mine craft theme, it appeared to be based on screen shots.

Hrmm amiga theme? or would it scare my Jew friends?
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I think we should all just post pictures and casually discuss them.

This is my personal computer:

Not exactly nerdy, just effective for what I do.
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LBs is nerdy i score him 8.9

I have an awesome cookie monster wallpaper

I Kind of expected that of grey wolf, i had a loong look very pretty
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@Grey Wolf I saw that .rdp file and immediately thought "Reliable Datagram Protocol? NO WAY!" and then I saw the rest of the filename - instant disappointment X)
LB, I have to learn/use it...but I don't want to sit in front of it. :0)
Ah, sorry. I hope you don't get too frustrated.
The first time I used it (Preview) I lasted ten minutes before pulling the power out the back of the PC...things have not got much better.

Just have to get to my happy place and stay there as long as possible.
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While people are posting shots of their desktop(s), I thought I might show mine, too :)

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My Windows desktop:

I'm too lazy to post my GNOME desktop right now. I might do it later.
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