Russian meteor shower

Anyone else watched any of the clips of this?
Amazing and probably scary as well

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Yes, all on the news
very exiting and strange event, I want to see more things like that, I dont want anyone to get hurt though, im amazed no one died, its hard to measure how lucky everyone is for that
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First Tunguska, and now THIS. Russia gets all the cool disasters.
^LOL, Russia big tho right so i guess it makes sense, wonder how often this happens in the sea? these things allways happen in threes tooh :/
Must have been an amazing thing to witness.
I mean, think of it though. The odds of something like that hitting a populated area, or even an area of the Earth that has people on it at all is pretty low. 70% of the surface is covered by water and a lot of the land is unpopulated or isn't very densely populated.
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