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So a buddy of mine is letting me have some free hosting so I decided to spend $10 a year to keep up a portfolio website for myself. Was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback on how the design looks. Should I add color to it? Should I keep with the simple design or go for more? This is only a first draft so most of it will most likely be changed.

Any tips would be welcome especially on the about me page, since I have no formal education in programming and no work experience in the field. So I am drawing a blank at what to put in there.

Also thoughts on adding a blog to it? Good idea or bad?

EDIT: Stupid me I forgot to add a link to the site lol here it is
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I really like the look and feel of your site, good job :)
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Very nice! Smooth and simple.

Only thing that bothers me is the lack of uniform capitalization in the menu items. i.e. One is "HOME" the other is "Portfolio".
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Thanks Script and computer for the feedback, also thank you for pointing out the menu problem went in there and did a quick change to fix it.

But sounds like you guys like the simple feel to the site so I will probably stick with it.
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I believe your copyright notice should have the year 2013 also.
Man that looks really good. I've been wanting to create something similar for aaages, i just never got around to it.
Did you get a template for that website? or did someone make it for you?
Do you mind sharing a bit about how you got that set up? I'm really interested in doing this for myself now. :P
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Thanks Thumper and Alrededor, and I will go into there and change the copyright tonight thanks again. Also ya I'll send you a PM sometime tonight with the details Thumper.
Well the only thing I have to say is about the main graphic with the languages. Make sure it only has the languages you know otherwise you will be attracting possible customers that want you to code in a language you don't know which could result in poor feedback and fewer potential customers.
Very nice design, I love that it is minimalist yet modern. My only suggestions are to test the appearance and functionality on as many devices as possible ie: phones and tablets with different OS's and screen sizes. And get to work on that portfolio, I'd like to see what you've been up to.
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