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Hello world:

I have created this site 3 moths ago when I finished my first CS course for C. I know this site is in C, but please check it out and hand out some suggestions. I redid my site for others and I will be sure to add the changes you want. Here is the link: .

Thank you!

P.S: Feel free to follow it through email or Google+ and vote on the poll (its on the bottom).
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No comments? Anything you want me to add?
Might get some responses if you make it easy and take the link out of the code tags so its clickable.

Personally I don't like the code snippets are colored.
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Did you buid the blog in C ????????

I think the blog is about C thats so cool........
Looks nice, would be nice if you could start a problem solving series on it. Those are always fun. Maybe try to solve some topcoder problems or if you are into math (:D) try the euler problems, that way the blog is always alive with something going on. Looks nice though, wish I could say I built a blog in c/c++.
You could fix that link in your original post.

Your code looks nice and readable. But like almost all C/Unix developers, you're quite casual about the difference between signed and unsigned values. (Despite being on Windows.)

I think one thing you could consider that would be different from other tutorials is, instead of writing standalone programs, show how to write programs that make use of other programs.

For example, do you know what happens when you run ls *.c? Hint, ls doesn't filter *.c itself.

... then again, maybe not. It's just a thought.
list files in is this useful for people on windows?
Windows has the dir command.
@kbw : I'll try that out.

@all : fixed the link

@chroma : thanks!

@ Smac98 : Yes, I am creating a google site so it is easier to add sections.
Smac89: list files in is this useful for people on windows?
That's my point. You don't seem to have any idea what happens when someone runs ls *.c. That's why I think it deserves an explanation. The fact that it does a directory listing isn't quite the point.
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Ok guys, I moved my blog to a google site, where I added sections based on what some users wanted. The new URL (yes it is not in code now ;D):
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