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I got some spare time before i go to uni, Ive been considering an internship! any advice?

Now i dont know much, Ive temporarily given up trying to install boost cant install sfml only know the basics and weak/n00b with c++ java and general computer user knowledge, i will learn maths to a usable degree first too...but is that enough to learn anything from an internship.

If i know nothing then i will just be making tea and learning how to take computers apart and clean the sludge and that sort of not so helpful learning.

I realize someone here might be able to give me some kind of advice on who to join and what to learn, how can an intern even learn code? do they promise to teach you something each time you bring them tea?

And maybe i need more to contribute first too :/

Can you give me any advice other than dont intern for bill clinton?

EDIT: i could just get them to install everything then just leave
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They tend to give internships to college students.
in uk college isn't uni its that bit before, is that what you mean?
From my understanding, internships are meant to give real work experience, not to teach. I find it unlikely a software company would want an intern they would need to teach programming to. I've personally never had an internship yet, but the ones I have seen were being offered to 3rd and 4th year students.
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Oh right, wow so even after a degree your still at the bottom of the deck!!
such a big subject i guess you have to be a twitchy savant assed god of computing to get a top job
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