To what extent do you believe this is possible?

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I thought the limit was the same as the clickable URL limit of 50 posts :\
Well this became obvious trolling, but I still want to put my two cents in on the line count. I can see a few hundred thousand lines of code, but when it comes to hundred millions or more I just can't see it for one reason. A project that size would never get finished especially if they end up with bugs they have to search for. The only feasible way I can see a project ever breaking that is if the team wrote every library, kernel, program, etc from scratch by themselves rather than using existing ones.
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I confirm the limit is under 1000, I don't think it's just over 50.

@naraku9333 That's a more believable number.
@naraku9333 50 Million I can believe, but the 200 Million that was mentioned earlier in the thread would tell me that they don't bother maintaining the code and just kept putting new code in with the old code.
1991 to 2009: 18 Years
18 Years -> 370 MB.

1991 to 2013: 22 Years
22 Years -> (370) * (22/18) -> 452MB.

Using non-widechars, that's 452+ Million of Characters.

283 million lines means you have like two letters each new line.

Fake numbers there, unless their source have really grown a lot more in those 4 years.

In a later study, the same analysis was performed for Debian GNU/Linux version 4.0 (etch, which was released in 2007).[113] This distribution contained close to 283 million source lines of code, and the study estimated that it would have required about seventy three thousand man-years and cost US$8.04 billion (in 2013 dollars) to develop by conventional means.

Here is the source of the information.

Here is a better source to try and figure out the scope of building a modern operating system.

It puts Mac OSX 10.4 at 84 million SLOC, the linux kernel at 5.2 million SLOC, Debian 5 is 324 million (but that does includes packaged software), windows XP about 45 million, windows NT 4.0 about 11-12 million.
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iseeplusplus wrote:
the same analysis was performed for Debian GNU/Linux version 4.0

...Well, unless I'm missing something, that says about Debian. But then I'm not a linux fanatic, I don't know much about Linux or Debian or ..., so in case you have any other links or whatever, I don't think I will reply saying I am right - I don't have enough knowledge about that :x

(I've just seen only your first and third links of those)

Anyways maybe I just missed something, I understood you talked about Linux itself.


iseeplusplus wrote:
[...]that a linux distro[...]

I'm fucked.
I don't get this post.

To what extent is what possible?

Am I missing something here?
Because the poster has been reported for random reporting/trolling.

We were talking about if making an OS within five years is possible - to the level of Windows or similar.
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Oh, okay.


EDIT: I think you can manage an OS like Windows in much less than five years btw.
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What was the original question???
nevermind after looking at everything i see what was going on
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