How to practice your c++ programming?

hello all,

It is evident from the title. I would like to practice my c++ programming. I'm reading now in game console programming in c++. it seems cool and it really enhances my thinking when I finally decided to not check the Internet until I think I'm missing something irrelevant to c++ such as math equations.

My question is, is there any website that gives you a demo for a game at least now a mere console game. Or books blogs any thing you think may help.

thanks in advance
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How about making something... however redundant it may be.
What do you mean?
By "game console" do you mean games in a console application or programming for an actual games console (such as a PS3).
I'm reading now beginning c++ through game Programming. the author starts with simple console games like guessing the numbers or words then moving to harder games such as Tic-Tac-Toe and so on. I like the idea of the book instead of just learning pure c++, it motivates you to move forward. This book has another external book for game projects. This is what I'm looking for. I want more books with at least demo for the projects.

That's the only way to learn, IMO. Find something that interests you, and then go and write it. You'll inevitably run into issues where you need to learn something more to get resolve it, and that's knowledge that sticks. Reading a book about programming is ok when you first start, and then as a reference for something new/not used much.
Ah right, I wasn't sure which level you were at.

As Resident says, best way is to learn by doing.

If games is your cup of tea, I'd get the fundamentals down as soon as possible and move to a 2D library such as SFML. The console is ok for concepts and basic stuff but it's not really designed for making games.
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What do u mean? hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. Zork. I'm making one right now
I didn't say there weren't console games or that you can't make games in console applications.

What I said was the console wasn't made for games.

It's a good place to learn the basics, but you're better off learning how to use a 2D library sooner rather than later.
iHutch105 wrote:
What I said was the console wasn't made for games.

*cough* ASCII games *cough*

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