Paper Guns

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Speaking about guns & cannons, I found the 2 sieges on Constantinople by the turkish very intresting.

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You can keep your guns, I'm saving up for a drone :)

Something to think about: Rats given a good environment are less likely to take drugs than ones that are not. Hmm, dont seem to be able to find that study now, think it was done with cocain lased water.

Know what I mean? Are places bad because people are getting shot, or are people getting shot because the place is bad? (As a general statement, not thinking about wars).
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fredbill, me and my old man used to use connex to see who could throw bits the furthest, the rules were you had to stick to connex, no elastic bands, just the flexiness of the plastic, turned out however, the trebuchet was the best design.

@lowestOne I once heard that canada had more guns per head and less crime, that graphic turns out say otherwise however but of course thats true, the only use for guns in utopia would be for target practice and shooting cheating partners :D

A lot of the time in america there's no alternative apart from to turn to crime, Imagine you were dying of cancer and could not afford the treatment to stay alive, and its perfectly justifiable, anyone who accepts their fate without being angry at society is going to be a blind fool.

as for drugs though, Its always been a part of our human nature to take them, they aren't unnatural to us at all, every tribe ancient or modern has something to alter their mental state.

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and its perfectly justifiable, anyone who accepts their fate without being angry at society is going to be a blind fool.

I don't get this statement. Basically its the same as saying anyone who doesn't blame everyone else for what happens to them is a blind fool. Also I'm kind of curious why you dislike America so much?
Nope, im saying if you create a society that puts you in a position of desperation through no fault of your own then society should expect that person to ignore the rules of society, with a lot of anger as a side effect

EDIT: society is not everyone, society is the system that everyone abides by
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I don't hate america, I love it's countryside and americans are awsome. I do think its foreign policy and outlook is suicidal and insane however.

I also don't believe that america ends where the rest of the world begins, the whole world is pretty close these days
Can we please stop talking about gun control politics?
sry fredbill, i should have a gun, I would treat it good, give it a girls name, sleep with it in my bed and take it for walks, and take it with me to restaurants and wisper sweet nothings to it.
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