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Something in my head broke and i cant get into learning, how do you fix this

Is it possible a tiny spot of brain-damage can make you unlearn everything?

Just cant sit still work and learn anything, nothing I do works, Somethings wrong with my state of mind.

Incidently when I tried to mong out infront of the xbox it wants some long forgotten password that i will never be able to recover for permanently lost brain memory.

Nothing is working, no tutorial is simple enough, no code that's new works, I am feeling sad about this :(
did you have an actual accident, or are you just saying that you feel that you cannot learn anymore?
I am not learning anymore, I just lost all oomph.

It could be a brain thing, i cant deal with the slightest complicated thing, its like i cant raise the brainpower
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Once I was hit hard on the head in childhood and since then my math became much better.

Probably coincidence.
You are probably uninspired or too hyper. Try finding something to learn for, be it a new app or game, or an OS or even a new language. Just find something to code and do it before you get stuck in a rut.
no that's what i have to do, what was it that hit you on the head and made you better at maths exactly? i may have to recreate the scenario :D

no but seriously i feel like i reached a limit
have you tried functional programming?
whats that exactly? i've been trying to get a server chat client working but I been driving myself crazy, first i couldn't get the layout right then i couldn't get the main programing running, then i couldnt get a function to run on onclick, then i couldn't fin out what i had to use instead of void and soon i was trying to read up on things i just couldn't understand but i tottaly know theyre simple...i should ride this out, i am getting frustrated when my issue has only just begun...

im going for a walk
@devon google "haskell", start learning the language and watch your mind bend :)

You could even try clojure, given your (AFAIK) love for java.
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I will but I realized that i have been doing the beginner tutorials and exercizes for a few programming languages now and the second it gets deep i start learning a knew one, I dont want to be someone who knows little bits of lots of things and hardly any of a single one :/

EDIT:Haskell looks fun
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1) http://learnyouahaskell.com/chapters
2) http://www.jsoftware.com/index.html
3) http://dlang.org/

1) Haskell tutorial, quite good but I didn't get very far. Lost interest.
2) J, it's basically math-oriented assembly. I think you'll love it.
3) D, the rightful successor to C++. Someday.
Sounds like you're either under a lot of stress or you're just burned out.
A change of pace may help.
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