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Well, the studies are out, it decreases short term memory and will drop your IQ up to 8 points. I used to be all for it but now.... I think we should quit making it seem ok, because obviously it's not. Also it DOES NOT cure cancer, and it WILL cause lung cancer (though that requires VERY heavy use and is admitedly very unlikely).
I think it should be decriminalized but it must be regarded as alcohol's equivalent.
I think everyone needs to stop caring so much.
I've got the same opinion about abortion.
Ignorance always succeeds in failing.
it WILL cause lung cancer

Yeah, if you smoke it, just like literally anything else because you're inhaling smoke. There are lots of other ways to take it.

Also, what studies? Post them. There are studies that have shown a correlation between marijuana use and various cognitive and other effects, and there are studies that have shown no correlation at all, hence why I always say there's no real scientific consensus.

Besides, it's not like anyone was pretending that it was good for you, like it should be something you find in the Whole Foods section of a supermarket. All anyone reasonable will have argued is that it's not bad enough to be illegal when plenty of other things that are worse are not. Ultimately, if I want to mess up my health, that is my right. As long as I'm not harming anyone else, no-one should be able to stop me.
Unlike in programming, people should always be allowed to shoot themselves in the foot. It would probably really hurt them and a lot of people would die, but it would only affect the ignorant people.
Unlike in programming, people should always be allowed to shoot themselves in the foot.

I agree with LB fully here.
its not the same drug that I had as a kid, way too strong...but then you can eff your life with booze and we don't debate that.
@chirsname: http://www.nature.com/news/drop-in-iq-linked-to-heavy-teenage-cannabis-use-1.11278 that's one of them, the other is a scientific american article (this month) but they don't post the full article online.

@devonrevenge: I think alcohol's MUCH worse as well.

To all: I think it should be legal, just wish people wouldn't call it harmless (which MANY do).
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It's not a big deal. And he did use the eff word.
You said "[weed] decreases short term memory and will drop your IQ up to 8 points"; that article says "heavy teenage cannabis use [linked to drop in IQ]". These are not the same thing. Heavy use =/= use.
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Do drugs cause problems because they are drugs or because they are illegal?

Try to think back to history class, prohibition. Boy did that cause problems - the government even tried poisoning alcohol supplies, and that only made things worse.
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teen usage. As in while the brain is still heavily developing and just starting to slow down. We have zero evidence of a correlation between smoking pot outside adolescence and decreased cognitive ability.
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