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anyone ever heard of salvia? you can buy that in shops over here, you smoke it, and you hallucinate very powerfully for about 15 minuets, ever heard of it?
I've had it but it just made me giggle for a few seconds. Then again, we tried to vaporise it and the vaporiser only went to 235 C, which apparently isn't hot enough.
the sofa swallowed me and i got sucked down a beam of light and slowly dissolved back into the living room
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I've never heard of Salvia, but is sounds like an experience worth having. It sounds pretty damn fun actually. This clip from Family Guy springs to mind when reading upon the effects of Salvia:


Just don't smoke synthetic.
Salvia is supposed to be really intense.
Cheraphy wrote:
Just don't smoke synthetic
I learned that lesson the hard way...
A friend of mine had a really really bad experience with some once, he swears part of him died that day and his personality has definitely changed. I don't think he'll ever be the same.
That's a risk most people don't see with recreational drugs. There can very well be a psychological consequence that you may never get over.
yeah I think ketamine and cocain eat away at the soul, somethings do make people change, people assume all experiences of any kind improve character, im not too sure about drug experiences so im sure others wont break you
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Cheraphy wrote:
A friend of mine had a really really bad experience
Likewise. I lost myself for a while. Scariest thing that's ever happened to me. It took me about two weeks after the fact to stop being so shaken up. I was scared to go sleep for a while. It was just downright torment. I think I got lucky because I feel like a stronger person now - mentally, that is. I'll won't test my luck twice, though.
"What kills me makes me stronger." -Peter Griffin.
Though the worst experiences in my life havnt been from drugs or booze or crazy dangerous people its always been a shortage of work and cheap transport that have made life go wrong.

as they say drugs and no money is more fun than money and no drugs
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Also it DOES NOT cure cancer, and it WILL cause lung cancer

What do you say to people who can testify that IT DOES cure cancer, because it actually DID cure theirs.

I can personally testify to a friend whose mom was diagnosed with cancer, got extremely depressed when she heard she had only 10~11 months left to live.

His mom became even more depressed at idea of going for chemotherapy. We then suggested she use cannibus. The old gal followed our advice and is still alive today. Her cancer was diagnosed as being in remission.

When his mom also started using cannibus we saw an immediate improvement in her entire being.

Also google results of Rick Simpsons cannibus oil curing cancers. The people that testify are normal people from everyday life - you can verify their references. Many of them still use the oil and cannibus in other forms in their normal everyday lives - this ensures that the cancer doesn't come back.

Also download the documentary "What if cannibus cures cancer". This will give you a detailed scientific explanation of why cannibus is able to do this.

If you then combine this with the testimonies of so many who were cured of their cancers by it then I cannot understand why people aren't grabbing this life jacket thrown to them - probably due to other people claiming to speak with authority against it and only capable of providing government based results to prove it is bad.

Back in the 1930's they used racial undertones to paint cannibus as bad. So were they correct back then to ban it but just use the wrong reason???

I don't think so - its clear they know the racial crap won't fly anymore.
it decreases short term memory and will drop your IQ up to 8 points

My short term memory isn't bad at all (people who know me personally would tell you so).

As for my IQ dropping - this is completely untrue - my IQ has shown a marked increase when compared over the past 15 years. Higher education is definetly a factor here but so is cannibus in the sense that if any of the governments reports were really true then I should not have even succeeded with higher education.

Many of my friends are also cannibus users and very highly qualified people. One in particular is the CEO of a very large company in our countary that specializes in metallurgical R&D. He holds a PHD in chemistery and smokes cannibus every day. Another is one of the top heart surgeons of our countary.

And to further reinforce the claim that cannibus does cure cancer, google the stats for cancer in Jamaica. Then ask yourself why it is the lowest in the world.

My short term memory isn't bad at all (people who know me personally would tell you so).

And yet you can't remember how to spell cannabis, country or chemistry. (Psst. That's a joke.)

And to further reinforce the claim that cannibus does cure cancer, google the stats for cancer in Jamaica. Then ask yourself why it is the lowest in the world

I googled. The first statistic I found was:
Jamaica's breast cancer mortality rate is 30.1 per 100,000
comparing unfavourably to the U.S. rate of 21.5.

From: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20021002/health/health1.html

The second was:
Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in the world (1) and the leading cancer affecting men in Jamaica (2). If PCa is identified early in its natural history, it is eminently treatable with great potential for cure. The Caribbean has the highest age standardized PCa-specific mortality rates in the world (1).

From: http://caribbean.scielo.org/scielo.php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S0043-31442012000100016&lng=en&nrm=iso


Jamaica has one of the highest prostate cancer rates in the world with approximately 150 men diagnosed each year. Medical experts believe that a large percentage of affected men are undiagnosed.

From: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Prostate-cancer-breakthrough_8208575

Maybe I suck at the google.

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lol maybe we should just drop all cancer research then and just smoke pot?
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That would be stupid. There's gotta be a faster and more effective cure.
But would it be as much as fun?
What if the cure was administered on a roller coaster?
I hope it won't involve needles then.
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