Bachelor's degree in Programming

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Ironically, my degree specialises in games yet I work as a programmer in a non games related field. :-)
I see this a lot with graduates from my college that went for the Game Programming degree.
Yeah I went for the GSP BS degree at DeVry, and while I have mixed emotions about how they did some of the courses, you (if you took it serious) can get a job in the game industry or doing programming anywhere else. Only down side in my regard is that it is so new that not many consider it an equivocal degree to say a BS in CS or such. So I've just been focusing on reading and coding as much as I can to learn while I keep sending my resume around. Also started learning 8 languages to help, but can't continue that until I get my new power cord for my laptop as all my code is on it.
Game AI often does not have anything to do with CS AI. Usually it is just a bunch of dumb switch statements. CS AI is much more sophisticated, but game designers mostly ignore it, as it is more resource consuming and generally harder to incorporate into game.
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