Audio Visualizers

Has anyone ever seen those cool programs that "listen" to an audio stream (typically music) and then generate a visual pattern based on the audio? I'm looking to create something similar myself but I have no idea what these things are actually called. As such, I can't really research existing solutions. If anyone knows what they are called and/or any good resources for audio interpreting(?) that would be great. I think someone on this forum made one a few years ago.

EDIT: Audio Visualizers. Thanks guys!
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Ohh I remember them "Music Visualizer" I think they were called I remember listening to techno and looking at the windows media player visualizations while tripping lol. Ill join you in the search and see if I can help find a good resource on it.
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Found it! Audio Visualizer was what I was looking for. Enough Google and YouTube searches of the wrong name eventually got me the right one. If anyone has any experience or information on the subject feel free to post here. Any help would be appreciated.
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Sure you found it AFTER I posted ;p

Not sure if there's any decent audio interpretation resources, but it may be a good idea to start with the openAL documentation.
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This might also give you a idea on how to go about it.

Have heard a few people talk about it actually so their source might help you.
@Zereo: You ninja'd me!

Thanks for the replies! I'll be sure to check out the source for that project.
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