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Cool new programming PSA with gates, zuckerburg, etc..

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Sure, it will help JKaplan see why programming is fun? I know if you're struggling with learning to program, seeing the benefits and possible outcomes of what you're trying to learn usually helps.
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If kids are interested in programming, then they'll find out about programming sooner or later anyway.

I f*****g hate Mark Zuckerberg; he's always got a stupid smile on his face.

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^^ Agreed.
arggh F.B.. The average kids attention span called, it forgot what it was going to say though...
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Who forgot what? Wait, what are we talking about? I'm confused...
I don't know, I forgot? Oh yeah I remember - I was just posting a programming PSA that features Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, and other influential people, so people would click on it and watch it, and if they like, leave any comments regarding their thoughts about the video they just watched.

Also, I disagree about Frameworks comment (but did NOT report it) regarding Mark Zuckerburg. I don't personally know the man, so I can not offer any personal opinion of the man. I would most likely be smiling if I were a billionaire, as well. I however did see Facebook the movie, which was great. If he did steal the idea of Facebook from others at his school, isn't that similar to the rumors I've heard about Bill Gates stealing the idea for Microsoft?

Also - I thoroughly disagree with how facebook is run, and what it stands for today. I am frustrated that when I'm trying to talk to somebody, they may or may not be creepily glaring at their facebook account on their phone or laptop.
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