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I'm worried that my nasally voice is "off putting" to some people - what to do?

I have a very obvious nasal tone to my voice.

I feel like such a geek/nerd/weirdo when I talk; I've always felt this way, just repressed it, but it is often times emotionally unsettling when people await me to give a big speech at conventions, and when I start talking I get the impression that everyone is like:

"Wait! Where is that strange, unsettling, off putting noise coming from? Stop it now! Who kidnapped this guy's voice?"

It has always been a thing I hate, but I just can't be happy with myself about it.

Any input, similar insecurities in one's self, etc.?

you ever heard of surfers ear? the stress of super cold water and pressure encourage cartilage causing the ear to close up, this can also happen to the cartilage in the nose, under the nhs they just drill em out! It is a quick and common operation so I bet its cheap and if you go to the right doctor he will stick a drill in your nose and that will help
My voice sounds like a stereotypical nerd :(

EDIT: Not nasal-y, though. Just nerdy.
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I too, suffer the horrible fate of a deviated septum...... Those nasal strips work, but would just look funny if you wore them in public. Maybe try putting them on at night? Other then that, surgery.
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im not nerdy but i do sound a bit posh/rich, I hate that cos I was still bought up in a council estate by a single mother...she was sent to a gramma school and the alternative was to get a half kentish half devonian accent which would have had me thrown in a well.
Ah well I grew out of trying to come across dangerous and edgy, If i still want to I should speak calmly hinting at anthony hopkins esque psychoticness and use the techicle terms for things poetically for example rather than lunch time i say: " how about something a little more... culinary "
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I'm told I could be in American Idol because of my voice... I might even have a better voice than William Hung.
OP I wouldn't worry about. I know people who have different sounding voices and I could care less. I don't question their intelligence due to it, nor any aspect of them. If someone looks down on you because you sound nasally, they aren't worth your time.
you know who it is though right?
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Everyone has their own unique voice. I hardly think people are judging you for your voice too much. There is only one person's voice I cannot stand, and it's just because it's super high pitched, but I hardly think a nasal sounding voice is all that unbearable to people.

I understand insecurities, but you have to understand that you tend to amplify these things in your own mind, while in reality it's really not a big deal. Just try to remember that.
I will drill a bigger hole in your face, I have tranquilizer and a stainless steel drill bit, my sister will tell me how to do it over skype cos shes had it done
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