Why Can't we Have Anything Nice?

Well, the title says it all. A perfect example of this is my "Paper Gun" thread. We simply can't have anything nice without it turning into a political debate. I mean, if you keep doing this, there will be no more cool posts on stuff. Another example is the "Weed" thread.

I don't know if its only me who notices this, but I'm just putting it out there.
So how about socialized health care?


No one actually answer that :p
You're not alone in noticing that people here tend to derail threads.
Thread derailing is natural, and not a problem: people will talk about what they want to, so if no one is talking about what was said in the OP it means they don't want to.
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Also as for the weed thread it is kind of hard not to have a thread derailed when someone says that smoking pot cures cancer and makes you immune to cancer lol


It is a "problem" in that it may be rude toward the OP to derail his thread.
If people start making off-topic posts, it means they don't want to talk about the original post, but do have semi-related ideas they want to discuss. So the options are post off-topic and possibly create an interesting thread or not post anything (let the thread die) to be polite. I prefer the former.
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It seems odd that you chose the 'Weed' thread as an example.
The one word title leaves it wide open, and the first post (presumably by the thread starter, but who knows anymore) went right into the weed/cancer debate.
sargon94 wrote:

Well, the studies are out, it decreases short term memory and will drop your IQ up to 8 points. I used to be all for it but now.... I think we should quit making it seem ok, because obviously it's not. Also it DOES NOT cure cancer, and it WILL cause lung cancer (though that requires VERY heavy use and is admitedly very unlikely).
I think it should be decriminalized but it must be regarded as alcohol's equivalent.

The thread seems to be largely consistent with this start.
These threads flow freely, with probably few people referring to the 1st post for a refresher on the topic before responding.
Also, the Weed thread was started by someone else, so why do you care?

I will respect your will and refrain from posting to threads started by you (Fredbill30) unless I am certain that what I have to say is strictly on topic with the opening post.
Its a bit like Godwin's law I guess :P
And if you talk about one topic long enough the conversation will always get deep, you can only talk about the nice fluffy things for so long until you have to get to the inner workings of the matter.

I might start something about food or music oneday, If they roll nicely we will see if they derail into some heavy debate, think of it as a social experiment
@fun2code, You can post semi-related things on it, but just wow, this happens EVERY time I post something
Eh it's the lounge. Thread derailing happens all the time. It's not an issue. The main forums don't have the problem, and the more public facing side anyways.
Little news flash:

Threads get derailed on all forums. Cplusplus.com isn't immune from this trend.

I do love how people get offended though, like it is a new trend that just started. Ever noticed regular conversations? They start on one topic, and as the people talking pull on their personal experiences the conversation twists and turns to other topics. Best example, have you ever had a conversation with your mother that stayed on one topic? When I talk to my mother we go from college, family, bills, health, games, programming, and cleaning in one conversation due to the tangents we take while talking. Forums are no different and it is really naive to expect a forum of any kind to avoid such natural tangents just because of some rules that are loosely upheld.
@Fredbill30, I don't get it. What's "nice"? Somehow all replies consider "nice" to mean "on topic", but is that really what you meant? I have this doubt, because neither Weed not Paper Guns is that much off topic. I'm afraid that reason we can't have anything "nice" is because we're different people who think different thoughts.
Because people aren't nice. Everyone goes through a time where they can't understand why there's debt, or hunger, or war, or even arguments.
The answer turns out to be pretty simple. It's human nature to be mean, and life wouldn't be interesting if everything was kosher.
What do you expect?

If you post on a forum, a place designed for people to share experience and opinions, then what do you expect to happen?

Also, given that the OP didn't exactly mention threads derailing, the later posts about feel like they're served with a gigantic slab of irony.
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