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Does anyone else find operating system development to be hard?

I just can't gather the resources, required knowledge, nor skill to actually begin this huge jump.

I've read dozens of articles and tutorials, but it eventually turns over and I start forgetting things as I learn new ones; sort of like a stack, what comes in and the old must pop off.

Are there any guides that target OS development?

No, I will not bother with OSDev because they stress high-level language optimization, and I don't want that.

I want the whole kernel, except for the GUI and graphics part, to be Assembly.

On a scale of 1-10, how capable do you think the average person is at attempting to learn to make an operating system and actually going through with it to have an MS-DOS clone with multitasking?

PS: This includes girls, which are extremely under appreciated in this specific task, and rare to find/hear about.
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spoonlicker wrote:
I just can't gather the resources, required knowledge, nor skill to actually begin this huge jump.
You're not supposed to, because you can't make huge jumps like that anyway ;)
You want to write the entire kernel in asm?
Wow, good luck.
I wrote a bootloader in assembly which is an easy small beginner project and then made a simple jump to a C kernel then wrote a simple message on screen from that kernel.
After that I rewrote most of the standard C library and then wrote a basic shell for my kernel, at that point I started reading some of the really early linux kernels for inspiration. You have to take baby steps and realize that it will take a long time.
I love assembly programming but I honestly don't want to even think about writing a semi functional kernel with a CLI, filesystem and memory manager in assembly.
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So the OS project isn't going as planned spoonlicker?
She's just trying to make too large a jump in her path to making an OS.
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That and her hatred for High-level languages and OOP isn't helping either. But still wish you the best of luck at your project.
IMO, anyone who can create an OS from the ground up in pure assembly with no prior experience and no idea what good practice is should be awarded with the nobel prize for doing the impossible, regardless of gender.
Kernel in asm? o.O I thought the norm was to build the boot loader in asm (or use grub or such to save you the trouble). Build kernel in C/C++ and the rest of the resources and such in C/C++. This post does sadly smell of spoonlicker especially after the added girl remark. If it isn't spoonlicker, her jumping in the deep in for such a deep dark project with no experience shows why a girl would get bad recognition. The good ones stay quiet and show up the guys without them knowing it and only the noob girls whine about them being under appreciated.
The other post by the OPer's account was signed with "-spoon" before I reported it and it got deleted. It's definitely her.
But OP, I thought you could write this OS yourself with no problems in a relatively short amount of time?
Yeah, didn't you know that we are all God's gift to programming in our own minds? ;) I can program an OS on a piece of tissue that will dwarf all the existing OSes out there. Can even turn a paper clip into the ultimate universal game console. And lastly, can't forget that I'm so good that I can do it all without any forethought or planning.

</troll sarcasm>

lol :p
There was a realy basic start for the raspberry pi, it starts the whole thing off for you and you code bigger and bigger and when the tut stops you could carry on


I don't see the point in trying untill i have made my own libraries maybe even a little api
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