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Need help with a monitor mounting solution.

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Looking for a semi cheap monitor mounting system that can hold three monitors that are up to 27" in a special way. This is what I have for a office setup that I have been thinking about.

                            |          |
                            |          | <--- 24" monitor on a mount that tilts
                 __________ |__________| __________
                |          ||          ||          |
27" on mount -->|          ||          ||          | <--- 27" monitor on a mount
27" Monitor that doesn't support mounting so can't mount it.

So as you can see I need the arms to be able to extend wide enough so they can go on either side of a 27" monitor in the middle and slow have a bracket that can go on top of the middle monitor.

Any one got any suggestions for a mounting solution for this? I have been looking for awhile but can seem to find a good one that would be able to support this much weight. Might just end up only using a mount for the top row and have all the other monitors on stands but would like to free up some space by eliminating the stands.

Also is this a good design for or should I go for the 4 monitor setup that has all monitors on one row with the 2 outer monitors tilted 90 degrees so they can show more lines of code? I kind of like the one above because I would connect the 2 middle ones to make one long monitor for coding.
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¿Have you heard about workspaces (virtual desktops) and tilling window managers?
Also, folding.
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Actually I have found one finally which is very cheap actually http://shop.easymountlcd.com/Deluxe-Triple-Monitor-Stand-Desktop-Clamp-up-to-28-002-0019-002-0019.htm

And then there is a single monitor attachment that I can buy for another $20 to make it a 4 screen like my post.

And ya I use virtual desktops right now, but got lucky and my boss has some leftover monitors he didn't need and said I could have them.
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