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Fredbill30 wrote:
I think this topic is solved, but one question - is batch even considered a coding language? :|

Quite a few years ago I figured out how to work using Command Prompt on Windows (that's the terminal in Windows that is pretty much based on DOS to you brilliant Unix people).

I then realised I could automate stuff with Batch files... and then got quite caught up making all sorts of crazy Batch files that didn't actually accomplish anything with my filesystem but allowed interaction and did simple 'basic program stuff' and without realising it I found myself learning first principles as a programmer.

So if I think of my first programming language it's Batch files; that's where I started thinking like a programmer.

Albeit I didn't start being a /good/ programmer until C++; after all, Batch files are almost entirely maintained with GOTOs and very a very basic and limited variable system. Some structured stuff existed but I never used as it was just too complicated compared to what could be achieved with the ancient stuff. The only useful 'clever' thing was the incredibly powerful FOR command.

I know some people use the same kind of argument to call HTML their first 'programming' but apart from having to abide by a syntax, I literally couldn't picture HTML as a programming language. More appropriate would be JavaScript, or in the same ball-park as HTML is TeX. I did actually learn HTML before Batch files, and I think that despite what I just said I wouldn't have gotten into Batch files without getting used to the idea of a strict computer language (and realising that rather than making things harder, usually makes things easier).

I'm not sure I'd put Batch files on my CV in the 'programming language' section, as it isn't a skilled language at all (and should take any reasonably skilled programmer barely any time to learn through and through in no time). It is, however, a useful skill and tool in computing, of course, so it may appear on my CV anyway.
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