Looking for good ringtone ideas

Title says it all. I am looking for recommendations for good ringtones / text message alert sounds.

My requirements are simple (but hard to fulfill):

1) Not annoying or ear piercing

2) Creative (a clip from a song is no good unless it's particularly interesting or funny)

3) Not embarrassing. I'm okay with mildly nerdy/geeky themes, but anything like extreme gothic themed or JPop is too embarrasing to be heard publicly

4) SFW

A great example was used by a buddy of mine. He had the Metal Gear Solid *ring*ring* sound for his ring tone... and a MGS "you've been spotted" alert noise for text messages.

I don't expect to get something THAT good, but that's kind of the idea I'm going for.

So far the lead for text messages is the "you got an item" sound from Zelda 3.

Ideas welcome.
What about the music that plays when you enter a battle in Pokémon?
I'm not familiar with Pokemon really. Can you link to a youtube video or something?
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Both of those are kind of generic. I'm hoping for something more interesting than just some random song.
To clarify... I like something like the Zelda3 "get an item" tune for a text message because you're getting something. Other ideas in that same vein for text messages:

- The sound effect from picking up a mushroom in super mario bros.

- The "Hey!" sound from the fairies in Zelda64 (Though that's probably a little more annoying than I'd like)

That's the kind of thing I'm going for. Something that sort of matches the idea of getting a phone call or text message in a clever way. Just plugging in a random song I like is too bland and boring (and is what I already have).

It doesn't necessarily have to be videogame themed, either. Those are just the easiest examples to come up with.
Oh yeah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG_6CopW9GQ

Not really what you're looking for, but worth posting anyways :p
A great example was used by a buddy of mine. He had the Metal Gear Solid *ring*ring* sound for his ring tone... and a MGS "you've been spotted" alert noise for text messages.

Noooo! That was what I was going to suggest!

How about SotN's Level Up/Relic Get sound for texts?
The chorus of the Anchorman rendition of "Afternoon Delight". Sure, it's a little long winded, but it never gets old. Ever.
I used to have the "nuclear launch detected" as my text ring tone
Going down the video game route, how about the Final Fantasy VII (and others) victory fanfare?
You could make yourself a ringtone by encoding the word "ring" or whatever in ASCII or Morse code and playing the sequence of beeps. For extra points you could make your phone play the SMS in Morse code though I'm not sure if even a smart phone would let you do that (also, you'd have to learn Morse code).
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Did you know the Nokia text ring tone is "SMS" in Morse code?
The Megaman them is a classic ringtone, although I personally like the Mario theme, it's unmistakable.

My Text alert is the sound it makes when mario picks up a mushroom in the old NES game lol.
dj food turtle soup

the bit in nba jam on sega when someone goes 'ah-yeah'

keny ken vs topcat jungle drum and bass, sounds noisy but theres amazing samples in that, my friend had a ring tone that made even passers by grin

you know its good because an eclectic mix of strangers ask where you got it, seriously scan old school 1998 drum and base and turn the clever little note bits into 8 bit beeps and you could potentially do real well, this isn't a harmless bit of advise this is genius

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