Keyboard Error 0211 - Win98 HP

Hello. I have a Windows 98 HP Pavilion 8380 Desktop. I have the mouse and keyboard that goes with it. When I start it up, I get the title screen and then I get a double beep. On the screen, it shows all the copyright info, etc.. and then "0211: Keyboard Error. Press <F1> to Setup, <F2> to Resume". The problem is, my keyboard isn't working and my mouse isn't working either. Any ideas?
Any ideas?
A different keyboard.
you cant do much without that keyboard...I bet its not the keyboard though, but the thing that makes it work and if thats the case and you havn't built it wrong it is...beyond repair!
It's okay, I'm getting a new keyboard anyway next week.
Is there any reason you're using technology for dinosaurs?
Yes, a lot of my Dad's important work stuff is still on that Win98. Also, it looks cool. :P
If you can't get passed the keyboard thing.. take out the HD and hook it up to another (working) computer, then pull the files you need off of it.
Windows 98 was good actually in its time. However, HP prebuilt computers were not. considering at the time HP used a lot of refurbished hardware. (I say at the time, because i have no clue if they still do or not... I stay away from prebuilt desktop).

I remember in the late 90s, a friend of mine wanted to change his video card and he couldn't with the motherboard he had. The HP box though was too small to fit a regular motherboard, so he was f***ed.

On a side note, i remember windows ME doing that same keyboard error at times. And using different keyboard didn't always fixed it. If you wish to get the stuff of that computer. just remove the Hard drive and make it a slave on another computer. Then copy the stuff.
Thanks guys! I might try that if the new keyboard doesn't work.
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