Fire Emblem Online

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Anyone want to play with me? not that many people play anymore because its in (i think beta but its still really cool) My username on it is DTSCode
whoa i didnt know they had fire emblem online! Cool Ill play!
Is this just like the vs mode in some games where you pick 5 guys vs 5 other guys and you just pick who to attack on your turn?
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No it's like the original game just with
No story line. As a result, you make your
Characters but that's not that bad actually
Huh, that sounds interesting.
Could you start a game or should I, or have you started a game?
Well, I made some random characters with my limited knowledge of FE stuff.

I made a game called Test GameRANDOMLETTERS, the password is cplusplus.
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firedraco i joined it
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That's a link to a picture of the map, not the game itself. Just give me the name/password to the game.
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you know you dont have to make a password.
I know, I just don't want random guys joining the game.
I figured out how to set it up, so do you have any questions?

well whether you do or not, here's how you do it: there should be a blue box with one of your character names in it, press the down arrow and select one of them, then click on one of the red squares to place him. Because of your settings you can only place 1. once your done, press the text in green saying "Set your ready status. then start the game
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I don't see you have joining the game. I also set up to 3 characters per person. :P
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Could you tell me exactly what the game is called?
OHHHHHHHHHHHH nvm, i joined the wrong game
ummm whats it called? i dont see it
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Verbatim. As in RANDOMLETTERS is literally part of the name.
I can't find it anywhere, ill make my own then see if you can find it k?

I think this is the join link?
k i made one its called:
A game for my friends
The password is cplusplus
look for it, remember that they are in alphabetical order
Well, I couldn't find it in the list, in either of the sections.
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