Coolest vehicle ever.

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I am struggling with deciding whether an F-14 Tomcat, a zeppelin, a DeLorean, a hydrofoil, or a mini-sub is the coolest vehicle ever. So I decided to see what everyone thought.

There are 2 categories: 1) real vehicles, and 2) fantasy/sci-fi/steampunk vehicles.

Post what vehicles you think are coolest below.
I like the batmobile
I like pogo sticks
Written text.


Win!! Time And Relative Dimensions In Space!

Still can't decide whether I like Tennant more or Smith. They're both very good, in their own unique way. Weeping angels are forever my favorite enemy. They're simply terrifying.
the tomcat is cool, i think the foxbat looks like the same thing on steroids, my favorite kind of vehicle is tankgirls tank:

when new age travellers get hold of german army trucks and fit them with a soundsystem they are pretty awsome in a scruffy kind of way:

here i like the leyland hippo

EDIT: its not german but its big strong and ugly (opposites attract)

EDIT: the tomcat and foxbat look nothing alike its just my memory and the fact the names are interchangable
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Art Morrison 1955 Chevy Bel Air
that is indeed a beautiful car but...

oh wait the coolest vehicle ever is actually the 1949 buick roadmaster how could i be so foolish
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1) Probably a '67 Mustang Fastback
2) Toss up between Ecto 1 and a Halo Warthog.

@hellfire1 The 10th doctor scared me at times, he seemed very serious in a scary way. I much prefer the 11th doctor.
Austin Mini Cooper S 1964
Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
Hm, I still prefer the 10th over the 11th for some reason (though both had their moments).
10th is awesome just saying!
I love the Mr Shmidts' car in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. I would kill for that car!
P-51 mustang. I don't think anything can match this.

* You are done reading this, and realized you can't match this. Look the other way and leave this thread. *
The problem with planes fredbil is theyre all cool

the blackbird, vulcan bomber, buccaneer, tank buster , flanker, stealth,
the SU-47 (beats the mustang), both of the lightenings.!/page3

these guys discus the same problem.

the p-51 mustang doesnt even show on this top ten

Then your also neglecting helicopter gunships, I think i am more likely to be impressed and terrified by an apache popping out of no where than a mustang.

Oh I thought of a good one, the hoffs car in nightrider :P
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Ah, I forgot about the apache. Well all the rest of the planes and helicopters are inferior to the best

if(Apache || P-51Mustang == Inferior)
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