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I thought of a nice addition to this site if it isn't already an option that I missed. Could someone add the option to "subscribe" to a post so that your account gets a message if something new is posted?

There are plenty of posted topics and questions that go on here that I'd like to read answers to, but I'd have to remember to check back on those posts the next day. I don't really want to post to that topic if i don't have anything constructive to say, so the ability to click a "Subscribe" button would be nice so I can look in my account and see if one of those topics got an answer/update.

There are also nice tips in some of those posts that I'd like to be able to look back on for a refresher months later, but when the topic gets archived it's no longer available as a link in my account's "active conversation" link, so If there was a "subscribed" section in the account it should also show archived posts.

Anyone like that idea?
I'm pretty sure that option already exists; look at the menu title "Tracking options for this topic:" under the last post of the topic.
That's perfect, It seamed like such a good option that I figured I was overlooking it somewhere. And it even lets you subscribe to archived posts. Exactly what I wanted, Thank you Zhuge.
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