So, this year I have the good fortune of being the mentor of a FIRST team (if you don't know what this is, don't answer (aimed at trolls)). I was wondering if anyone knew if any teams used a scouting program. I'm currently writing one if anyone needs one. It should be done in a few days.
FIRST, BEST, FRC, FTC, Vex, etc.

I've been involved with most of them, but primarily Vex (5 years consecutive experience in Vex). I know that there's a lot of good mobile device apps for Vex, so it stands to reason there should be for the other competitions as well - especially since some of these competitions (e.g. BEST) are starting to use/allow Vex components.
@everyone above: *sigh* sometimes I forget this isn't youtube and some people are intelligent.
@L B: thanks! I'll look into that, also if you know any FIRST/VEX teams (or whomever could use this), I'll be uploading the prototype tomorrow (march 7).
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I could have my club check it out (I'm the lone programmer for 10 teams and 30 members)
What team are you from? I'm a programmer for team 384, and I normally do scouting during competition. I can assume you know what Chief Delphi is(if not go there NOW: ). Anyways, check out this thread: Print out a copy of the match list and the thursday questionnaire for every team and fill them out at regionals. MAKE SURE TO PUT THE DATA IN AFTER EVERY MATCH. The super awesome excel spreadsheet of coolness isn't very helpful if you don't xD. Not in C++, I know, but still one of the best scouting systems for ultimate ascent that I've seen.

tl;dr check this out not C++ I know, but still one of the best this year.
We're not doing FIRST this year, unfortunately - just Vex.
A FIRST team is a team representing a college or varsity

now every one can comment :P
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I thought it was a robotics team for a university?
FIRST is the name of the competition.
Do you have a link. A google search for "FIRST Programming Competition" gives (what seem to be) the incorrect links.
That's because it is a Robotics competition, not a programming competition ;)
That makes sense thanks. The competition looks really interesting, would I be able to join a team and program online or is that against the rules?
I don't know, we haven't competed in a couple years.
Also, did spoonlicker report all the posts?
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Also, did spoonlicker report all the posts?

That's my guess. Although should admin not have banned his account by now? Also maybe a feature on the server that will block an account after idk the 10th report in under an hour?
Too bad we can't block him based on the MAC address of his network card.
What good would that do? Well, I suppose it would help the local economy in his area as he took his laptop to cafes for the free wifi.
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