Fire Emblem online turn changing thread

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Just refresh the game every so often heh.

And your turn in case you didn't know.
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How do you get money in this, anyway? I got like 50G, then 100G, then 0 for these last two battles...
idk... good game though (I ACTUALLY TOOK OUT ONE OF YOUR GUYS!!!)
Have you gotten any money for these fights?
let me check i dont know... I think you start out with 1000 gold and get more by killing enemies. Cause i have 1010
Well I've gotten like 0 for defeating all your guys in these past fights.

Also, apparently this game isn't actually being developed. So the lack of money and stuff is probably broken.
hmm that could be it... well let's do one more game. after this I have a little surprise... >:D
this one might take a while to set up so give me a moment
k ready
ok i'm going to think my moves through this time
k your turn.
So much good luck on the RNG...your turn.
so much FREAKIN' BAD luck on the RNG... your turn
Lol then your guy dodges two attack at like 70% chance and hits his own 70%s. Woo.
hmmm... this time i had average luck with the RGN
Well, I recommend you surrender.
no! you finish it completely!
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Fine, have it your way. I'm sure your healer appreciates it.
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