turtle for c++

Anyone know the module for python called turtle? It is for drawing using some simple commands like left(90) which will just turn the direction that your drawing cursor is facing and forward(100) will move the the small cursor leaving a line behind it. This is great for many types of programs, like games and geometry. Is there something similar for c++ that is not a pain in the ass to install and get to work properly?

Thanks in advance, it doesn't have to be exactly the same. I am just interested in learning some graphics for C++. (I don't mean libraries like SDL more like geometry or drawing libraries)
I'm aware of turtle graphics but can't think of any C++ libraries.

You could write one, I guess. Should be too much effort and would be a fun little project. :-)
I am not very comfortable with using graphic libraries. I don't think I'll be able to make a library myself. It would be quite ironic though. Making a library in a harder library to make a library that is easier to learn and understand :P Kinda like trying to call someone for help trying to find your phone. (well probably now people have multiple phones but you get the idea :)
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