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Hey guys, i found a bug on feo. dont use it. its if you attack someone and then before ending your turn refresh twice the enemy guy dies
It might just let you get extra free attacks. Still a glitch though...oh well. I was going to not have any money to buy things with anyway.
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no its consistent disappear. i did it with a guy who did 0 damage
Well, ok then.
Maybe post it in their bug report forum
Nah, from what I've read no one even updates (or plays apparently) the FE game anymore.
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:( or check their email. i want to buy the software from them because i could make it so much better
Make it yourself! The mechanics aren't that complex...the only difficult part would be setting up the graphics and stuff really. And you don't even have to deal with things like animating the movement or anything.
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i dont have the time to start from scratch
I do have the time but... I know nearly NOTHING about programming. I am really good at coming up with ideas. I could probably make a website, but if we wanted a real domain for it We'd have to team up to pay for it, but we can use a sub-domain for now. I might be able to get some people to help with making it, but why don't we make it a whole new game instead of basing it on another game. It would protect us from being sued, and we can make it however we want! What do you guys say?

EDIT: If we do, we can make it first game for my (I mean OUR) unofficial company; SomethingAwesomeGaming (I even have a logo)
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Shrug, it's not like the SRPGs mechanics are copyrighted.
It wouldn't be too hard to do the backend stuff, really. If we wanted to do it online in a browser it'd be slightly more annoying because we'd have to output the stuff to HTML somehow.
oh right. hmm... well I do have a friend who knows this guy who knows this guy who's dad helped make HTML.
I have a friend who's dad helped create HTML.
And I have my ways of finding people (trust me, I'm a great manager, I can do just about ANYTHING when it comes to finding people jobs)
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guys he did it in php. its actually just outputting a grid with the map images and character sprites then writing to a database
In that case... The same friend knows PHP and his dad does too
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and i dont think his dad made html, just worked on helping make a standard for it. but anyways, its not really that hard, just a lot of simple techniques
Yes, that's what I meant when I said helped create. sorry for the confusion. Well, I'm gonna do this whether you guys want to or not. What do you say? Chose to help and you'll become my first employee for SomethingAwesomeGaming! (not that that means anything, It's just a title)
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you know what if i cant get my file manager to compile properly tonite then im going to build one
Sure, why not?
AWESOME!!!!!! GO TEAM SOMETHINGAWESOMEGAMING!!! I can't wait! It's been my dream to create a game FOREVER!!! (although, I probably won't be doing much programming, but I'll do everything I can to help!)
what do you guys want the name of the website to be?

EDIT: Ok have any of you guys experienced a glitch where when you post a post on this site and it logs you out but when you refresh it logs you back in?

EDIT2: Wow, we've gone from FEBW to making a game in under 1 page

EDIT3: I've got to go for the day, I'll see you guys later!
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if anyone wants to work on it with me im going to set up a source forge project. its going to be done in php, html tags, and css (maybe some javascript). i have an external terabyte that i will use as a temporary LAMP server until i buy a real one. no one will make any money, but you wont lose any either. you will get credit though
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